About Us


Optimal Assets, Inc. was formed in 2012 as a people-driven vision, strategy, and performance consultancy.  Optimal CEO Hub Peer Groups were formed to fill the gap in traditional leadership and business owner education by leveraging co-creation and shared experience.  It all started with a simple philosophy- business owners learn best from other business owners.  We believe in the power of peer consulting and business advisory groups.

This starts with our founder- Dr. Drian Glyde, DM, MBA, CFE who has led businesses, redesigned organizations, increased innovation in stuck companies, transformed failing teams into inspired teams, and upskilled thousands of leaders, career professionals, and students in the areas of organizational leadership, corporate finance, operations, organizational design, change management, IT, and business management. It is time to leverage wholeness, behavioral science, collaboration, inclusion, and open system design and processes.  No more struggling with growth issues, having no one to talk to, and constantly re-inventing the wheel.

Our Philosophy

There seems to be an infinite supply of CEO learning opportunities.  To us, this begs the question, “Is knowledge what is keeping business owners from getting to the next level?”  In our mind, the answer is “no.”  Additional knowledge can be invaluable, however, when quizzed, most Business Owners say that they need to better execute upon the ideas and knowledge they already possess. A business advisory board of CEO peers is the best way we have found to create such a system.

Our Vision

Optimal CEO Hub, a service of Optimal Assets, Inc., serves domestic and international small business owners who strive for more and are open to change, growth, and transformation. Formats include face-to-face and virtual groups. We are always on the lookout for experienced top talent in local markets who feel a calling to help business owners, drive transformation value, and want to facilitate co-creation for business leaders through shared experience.