Meet the Team

Dr. Drian Glyde, DM, MBA, CFE

Drian is an experienced business builder, researcher, innovator, author, and leader. He is dedicated to helping businesses evolve into high-performance organizations.

Having spent decades involved with small to medium sized closely held businesses,  Drian understands what makes such businesses special and very different than the large corporations splashed all over the news.

His interests and projects have always been fueled by his family (5 children – including 2 sets of twins!) and he wants to make sure your business serves yours. When not spending time with family, teaching, leading, advising, researching, or consulting, Drian is usually in the kitchen experimenting with plant-based whole food recipes, finding new things to do in Pittsburgh, or fiddling with technology.

Drian’s focus on peer groups, experiential learning, and ethical openness drives leaders to create businesses that not only thrive, but also increase in value to society, families, and communities. Change and growth are the only true path forward. Integrity is the true foundation of positive change.

Drian desires to see Business Owners grow alongside their peers, drawing out their very best. You can reach Drian at

Dr. Drian Glyde, DM, MBA, CFE - President, Optimal CEO Hub & Optimal Assets Inc.